Circumcision Double Standard Sexist Mentality by Mainstream, 14 May 2017


Beside the most blatant unfairness in oblation run, Philippines have other double standard that contrast enough (yup, maybe this also happen in most country) that’s circumcision. I saw on Philippines facebook, or the one that they post on instagram where the photos show from a small boy to a adolesence boy were (bottomless or naked ) circumcise by a young adult women (they post it without censored) mainstream act like a “normal” day.  I don’t said whether it’s about circumcise or not, but my point is just imagine if the photos I saw on this public social media is reverse- a young men circumcise a girl (either kid or adolesence girl) post at fb or ig (even more if without censored), you see? Mainstream will probably get fucking offended and become a big deal, even counted as “sexual harrassment” or “sex Child offender” right? But since it’s a boy (kid/…

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Women who speak up against sex negative feminist hypocrisy on male objectification

Women who speak up against sex negative feminist hypocrisy on bodies objectification #Respect

From zoe does life:

It’s OK to objectify men but not women?!? -_-

From barbara4u2c:

“It’s completely okay to objectify men.” – WHAT??

I think the better version is still from Roaming Milenial, I love her vid explanation check it out:

Supportive great comment about this, remember it!
“Yeah, I agree. If women want’s equal rights, and they say it’s ok to objectify men, then it’s ok to objectify women too. Equal rights mean that both sexes are equal to each other, there should be no difference between the two sexes. That goes for being objectified too, if it’s ok to objectify men then it’s also ok to objectify women, likewise for the opposite. Meaning that if it’s NOT ok to objectify women, then it’s also NOT ok to objectify men. And any women who says it’s ok to objectify men but not women, and also at the same time claims she is for equal rights, then she is a hypocrite and a lier.”

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Roaming Millenial Mirror: Feminism Vs Male Sexuality A.k.a ‘It’s only sexist when men see it’

Hi guys! I know long time not update this ‘kiyomune’ account since I already very busy in daily activity, but still I love this mensrights issues (well, I admit what’s considered as “mensrights” sometime different between every people-even people who called them mensrights activist sometime have opposite view between each other in what’s supposedly be a men issues-that’s my difficulty too when sometime other called themselves “men activist” yet have opposite view with me). Maybe I will very rare updating, but if I have time enough I will pop up again. I dislike double standard by sex negative feminist-they’re very hypocrite, sadly mainstream believe in them, and seem very difficult to make a change. That’s why to people who still active on mensrights issues (especially the one who have same mensrights view with me), keep it up!

Appreciatiation for people who spent their time (& have courage to speak) for men issues awareness like Bane666au, Ignoredgender, Manwomenmyth, MrRepzion, barbarossaaaa, TheAmazingAtheist, 6oodfella, Red Pill Philosophy, Bernard Chapin, Warren Farrell, Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, and other who I can’t speak one by one (although sometime I can disagree with them or sometime they can oppose each other ;)..).

This above video is one of my favourite from Roaming Millenial on ‘it’s only sexist when men see it culture’ #Respect for her!

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Anita Sarkeesian Butt Video Destroyed Immidiately By Mrrepzion, AmazingAtheist & Thunderfoot

Here three popular youtuber (Mrrepzion, Amazingatheist, Thunderfoot) responsed immidiately after Anita Sarkeesian new video ‘strategic butt covering’ but i must admit the winner this time is Thunderfoot ‘nothing at all’ very funny!!!!!

Re: Strategic Butt Coverings

Anita Sarkeesian is butt hurt bcoz can’t see male butt in video games and ignoring that in real life only male butt crack that can be easily seen on public (since society will only take it seriously if it female butt crack).

Chemically Castrate Men Who “Harass” Women, Says Feminist Professor & Athena Tennis Girl Censored After Feminist Hissy Fit

Paul Joseph Watson destroy sex negative feminist, thumbs up

WTF Is Wrong With Australia? Athlete Chris Gayle Fined $10,000 for Complimenting Woman

Gender studies is bullshit: they count even the slightest little thing as “harassment” if it happen to women – where society take it seriously, when at the same time female can do the exact same thing that are far more worse. #Hypocrisy#doublestandards

No wonder in gender studies they only talk about female only and i think it inflate the statistic of “harassment” too- if even saying female eyes attractive (just a kidding), is count too as ‘sexism’.

People sometime will just believe in this absurd statistic and that is problem.